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Adapt the AQUA PRO in your place of business or wherever you might need the use of a pressure washer. The AQUA PRO is a point-of-use pressure washer that is ideal for landscapers, manufacturing plants, boat owners, and nurseries to perform daily cleaning tasks with ease. It has an electric solenoid that turns water on and off. The convenience of AQUA PRO will take away the hassle of traditional cleaning methods. The AQUA PRO is ready to use with the touch of a button. Available in both white and blue!

AQUA PRO pressure washers can be permanently mounted wherever you need it most. There is no need to deal with cords and water valves. It’s easy to use, low maintenance, and dependable. There’s nothing like this anywhere else on the market, so contact us today to get started!


The AQUA PRO is perfect in your shop! It can be conveniently located for an endless amount of cleaning engines and parts with pressure washing.

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Auto Shop Floor


Mount the AQUA PRO pressure washer in your garage and say goodbye to scrubbing your lawn mower and tools.

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Garage Door

Boat Houses

The AQUA PRO pressure washer is perfect for your boat dock or boat house. The AQUA PRO provides the right amount of pressure to clean and maintain the components of your boat without damaging vinyl or fiberglass.

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Boat Docks

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If you have questions or concerns regarding our service or product, please let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Wood Deck Pressure Wash

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